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Requirements for Distributed Enterprise Firewall Security

Business enterprises are now adjusting to meet the ever evolving IT security infrastructure. This has led to a significant increase in the number of companies that are now managing a distributed enterprise. With new security demands, your security strategy should be in a position to keep up to date with them. You must have heard about different other ways through which you can move from a centralized IT model but as would be expected, extensive research and knowledge is the right tool at this point. Remember that you are no longer securing just the perimeter but extending beyond. By reading the article herein, you will discover some of the key requirements for distributed enterprise firewall security and how to protect your business data from attacks.

One of the things to note when it comes to enterprise firewall is security. You need to put appropriate security measures in place to ensure that enterprise data and applications are safe. First, insist on authentication and identification of every user. There are several methods of user identification but using both a password and a token is arguably the best you can opt for. Even after a user is logged in, their pattern of behaviour should be monitored. In case of any unusual behaviour, they should be flagged for Investigations. Regardless of the security features, cybercriminals still find ways of intruding through tactics such as social engineering and zero-day exploits. Ensure that it takes the shortest time possible to detect them for a swift and efficient action against them.

Connectivity: It is important to note that there are a few connectivity challenges that must be addressed for efficiency and reliability. Providing a consistent and transparent user access experience can be a daunting ask. After that, you have to interconnect remote sites. This should be achieved without private-circuit WAN services – which can be expensive. Every user should be satisfied not only with the speed of response but the kind of information within their reach. For example, in case of an inquiry into the user database, and with high internet speeds, it should not take long especially via WiFi. Make use of available WAN connectivity options. ADSL, 3G/4G are effective options. They can help in improving the flexibility of the network.

Then there is the factor of cost. It may be a great concern to some businesses especially startups but not to established enterprises. Nonetheless, it is important to understand every detail of the cost so you can decide the best option for your business as far as security is concerned. It is better to invest heavily on prevention and protection that wait for a risk to occur then spend a lot of money on clean up. Last but definitely not the least, focus on manageability to ensure integration with the tips above to avoid any threats to your enterprise. With the tips above in mind, you are now equipped with the most important tool to help you secure your business from malware and external attacks on data and applications.

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