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To Join or Not to Join – The Private Golf Club Question

You and your husband like to play golf – both as an activity to do together as well as separately with your friends and co-workers. You have discussed the possibility of joining a private club but want to be sure the expense is worth it. If this sounds like you, ask yourself the following questions.


Will you save on greens fees?


If you play golf regularly, you have a sense of how much you and your husband spend every year on greens fees, carts, and a drink at the 19th hole. How does this compare to the annual fees at a private club? Would you play more if there were additional tee times available at the public course? If so, take into account how much more you would play if you could.


Do you get access to clubs you couldn’t typically play?


Are you sick of the public courses in your area and ready to try something new? Some private clubs have agreements with other private clubs – so you can play there free or at a reduced cost. For example, if you join one golf course Rancho Cucamonga CA, you have access to five others where you only have to pay the cart fees.


Would your business benefit from membership?


Would the networking aspects of joining a private club help you network and boost your business’ bottom line? Talk to your accountant. You might be able to charge the membership fees to your business, or at a minimum, deduct them from your income taxes as a business expense.


Joining a golf club can have benefits beyond getting a regular tee time. If you are an avid golfer, you might be able to save on greens fees and be able to play at other clubs. And be sure to consider what membership will do for you professionally