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Radiation Shielding Fabrics

The regular use of equipment that produces electromagnetic radiation is known to cause negative effects to our bodies’ internal well being which can also be called homeostasis. This is done through the artificial electric field being exposed to the electrical impulses of our bodies which perform normal life functions. Our body’s electrical impulse is responsible for performing the function of communication between cells, through the communication nerve signals are transmitted.
Radiation is becoming a serious and dangerous factor that causes harm to the environment. It endangers the health of people and also can damage devices. Researchers have come up with fabrics that can protect from radiation that has become highly in demand. When our internal systems are constantly exposed to electrical magnetic radiation it will definitely cause danger to our health, which will slowly weaken the immune system. Medical and scientific research studies the current effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, they state that the radiation tampers with the normal functioning of the brain, heart, and immunity, thereby the individual tends to experience symptoms like sleep disorder, headaches, anxiety among others.
Fabrics that are made for anti-radiation purposes are made using a particular technological factor, that aim in performing certain functions like, protecting individuals from radiation that can be caused through mobile use, the radiation is absorbed and made to be neutralized to not cause any harm to the user, it shields the radiation from the user by ensuring that distance is created between the two parties through the fabric. The fabric is made containing an inbuilt layer which contains special metal materials that perform the function of creating the distance between the equipment and the user, which causes a reduction of the radiation transmission. The fabric is made to be safe and endurable due to its high quality which makes it highly recommendable for space and military use.

There are factors of these fabrics that have not yet been confirmed such as the tightness of the fabric, its fiber contents, and shielding efficiency. The fabrics designed for electromagnetic radiation protection are done using the research of the necessary raw materials and texture of the fabric that is required. The fabrics are highly technologically developed the style is woven using a special yarn that is mainly made up of stainless material and fiber. The fabric is made so that it can be used in aviation and also highly recommended for military use. It is important to note that total protection against radiation is not usually necessary, because at certain levels radiation is not harmful and if it does not cause any health detriment it is acceptable, therefore based on this the creators are able to make efficient clothing for radiation which does not cause any restrictions or uncomfortable.
For the shielding effect, the textile fabric is made of yarn which is mixed of stainless steel and textile fibers, the fabric quality of normal clothing, while the textile fibers use cotton which is spun with steel fibers with a measure of about 8 micrometers which the weight of both fibers being about 14%.

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