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Treating Mental Conditions Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy

It is of much importance to always maintain good mental health. Failure to do so in this respect is a great challenge that comes with the risk of developing life-long mental problems alongside other risks. Dealing with this problem may take different approaches among them application of cognitive behavior therapy as a form of treatment. In this form of treatment, the mind is trained to develop a positive approach to deal with the prevailing mental conditions and hence get rid of the prevailing problem.

In offering this form of treatment, a patient is undertaken through an assessment by a psychologists. During the process of assessment, the patient is taken through a process where the behavior patterns are checked with intent to establish whether the patient exhibits any form of excess in behavior. Duration and frequency of these behaviors occurrence is also considered in the assessment. A treatment plan is then designed using the information gathered from the assessment process.

The common approach used in cognitive behavior therapy is through design of face to face sessions between the patient and the doctor. Approximately one hour is spent by the service provider to deal with the condition of the patient in every session. In modern times, the treatment options are also provided through the online platform. Face to face sessions are made possible for the patient and the service provider when this option is used. This is enhanced further through the modern times mobile apps that allow patients to access the sessions from hand held phones. Approaches are also being designed to provide with artificial intelligence solutions for this purpose.

In modern times, there are numerous cases of mental health conditions that are being recorded by each day despite the treatment options being available. Needy cases among the patients therefore increase and this does not in any way match to the number of professionals who are duly trained and registered to provide with this form of treatment. Patients undergoing the treatment process are therefore encouraged to read materials that offer with help in management of the conditions as well as engage in group discussions. This not only helps in making the healing process successful but also makes it speedy. It further reduces the need for constant engagement of a service provider giving room to other needy patients to access the treatment.

Like any other form of mental health treatment, instances of relapse are prevalent. Relapse in this regard refers to the patient suffering the condition after they have been fully treated. Patients in this respect get a follow up schedule where they undergo screening at set times. Patients at the risk of a relapse are therefore identified early enough by eh service provider and this means treatment is provided in a timely manner before they fall back.

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