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Possible Risks with an IV Insertion

Possible Risks with an IV Insertion

If you are looking for ways to improve your diet, it is important for you to understand vitamins and minerals. Sadly, many people fall short of their daily requirements when it comes to calcium, zinc, iron, and numerous vitamins. Therefore, you may want to consider visiting an IV and infusion center Catonsville MD. Vitamin infusions are a great way for people to cleanse their bodies of toxins while also improving their overall health. At the same time, people also need to understand the risks that accompany these procedures.

A Risk of Bleeding Following an IV

While it is rare, there is a chance that someone may start bleeding after an IV has been inserted. Usually, bleeding stops in a matter of seconds; however, there are some situations where people might require additional interventions to stop the bleeding. For example, those who have low platelet counts from conditions such as ITP may have trouble clotting. Other people with conditions such as Von Willebrand’s Disease of Hemophilia may also bleed more than they should. While the risk of excessive bleeding following an IV insertion is rare, this is still a risk.

The Chances of an Infection

Whenever a needle pierces the skin, there is a chance of an infection developing. Before an IV is inserted, the area should be thoroughly cleaned with an effective sanitizing agent. This way, when the skin is pierced, the needle doesn’t force bacteria into the bloodstream. While the risk of infection is very low, everyone should still monitor the IV site for signs of redness and swelling that might indicate an infection.

Invest in Health and Wellness

IV infusions of vitamins and minerals are great ways for patients to make sure they meet their body’s nutritional requirements. A proper diet is an important part of overall health and wellness.