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Five Pro Tips for Pistol Sharpshooters

Whether you rely on your weapon as a means of defense for you or your family or your choose to pursue recreational shooting competitions, being prepared to handle your weapon safely and accurately will be an important skills. In addition to taking handgun classes, investing in the right accessories, such as glock competition sights, can improve your aim whenever you discharge your firearm. Here are some tips from those looking to improve their aim through good old fashioned practice.

1. Focus on a shorter distance target with strong accuracy. If you drill at a short range target, about 4-5 away, you can test your skills. This allows you to know the truth about your skills, if you are able to maintain a tight grouping and have the bullet in the same hole with each shot.

2. Taking group shootings from several positions. Pick a distance and shoot a grouping to serve as a benchmark for the drill. From both supported and unsupported positions, work slowly to drill the same grouping and improve your accuracy.

3. Develop first shot accuracy. Work with the first shot immediately upon removing the weapon from the holster. Drill your technique for quickly removing the weapon, getting into shooting position, and making an accurate first shot.

4. Practice a slow trigger release. Some professionals advise practicing a slow trigger release with a dry fire. If your shots are dropping low, it could be a sign that you are jerking the trigger, and a more controlled trigger release could help improve accuracy.

5. Mentally and physically drill trigger control. A slow mindful trigger release begins in the mind. Practicing finger placement and controlling pressure points with a release is one way to improve total body control of the shooting experience.

Learning from professionals is one way to improve your own performance, as it may teach you some tricks of the trade. Practicing what you have learned is another way to improve your accuracy.