Cycling is Sensational! Four Reasons to Ride

Exercise fads come and go but bicycle riding is a perennial favorite. Summer months are an ideal time to power up the pedals and enjoy this outdoor activity. Why ride?

For the Fun

Simply put, cycling is fun. There are recreational groups for all skill levels in just about every town and city; and if there are none in your area, organizing one may be as simple as putting up a poster in a sporting goods store or initiating a Facebook page. Take part in short evening rides, longer weekend treks or even full-day trips along scenic routes. Check out a fat tire electric bike alberta ca and you can ride year-round on any surface including asphalt, loose rocks and gravel, dirt trails, sand and even light snow.

For the Win

If you aren’t motivated by leisure rides with friends, enter a race. Whether a relay or a solo event, sprint or long distance, competitions allow you to challenge yourself and gauge your progress over time. Best of all they get you out on the bike more because you have a goal to work toward. No matter how you place in the races, training helps you stay in shape so you’ve already won.

For the Savings

When you commute or run the occasional errand on a bike instead of a car you save on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and tolls. By using no fuel or very little fuel with an energy-sipping electric motor assist, you save the planet too. On a personal note, taking your time traveling a scenic route makes the commute or chore more pleasurable which can help save your sanity.


Once you’ve learned to ride you can do it for the rest of your life. Whether you prefer to ride recreationally or competitively, there are cycling groups for all ages. Even solo trips around the neighborhood confer health benefits such as weight management and muscle strength, and low-impact cycling is ideal for those with joint damage or arthritis.