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Step By Step Guide On Using A Pizza Stone On The Grill

It is such a beautiful thing to have family and friends over and you are all at the backyard waiting to eat pizza. This is not pizza that you order from your favorite pizza place but freshly cooked pizza. Because you are making this from home, you can add all the toppings that you love. The thing is, to get the smoky taste, you will need to find the best pizza stone in the market. If you want to make this even more interesting, you can easily use the pizza stone on your grill at that backyard. Here is how to use a pizza stone on a grill.

Now, before you start anything, you should prep everything you will need for the pizza. It is much easier to cook pizza when you have all the toppings ready and the pizza crust rolled out and ready. If your toppings need cooking like for example meat, it should be cooked and chopped, ready to be put on the crust. If you are going to have a pizza bar to make it more fun, you will need everything ready to make the process faster and easier. They will create their own pizza using all the toppings that they love because you have set it all out there.
Now, when you are grilling pizza, you won’t do it on direct heat and you would a steak. You will only need to heat one side of the gas grill and leave the other side off. Only put the hot coals on one side of the grill and leave the other side if you are using a charcoal grill. Make sure that the space left on the other side is big enough to fit your pizza.

Your pizza stone needs to pre-heated too as you pre-heat the grill. To do this, you will have to put the pizza stone on the grill as it is pre-heating. The hotter your pizza stone, the better your pizza will cook. As you are doing this, you should be prepping your pizza an putting the toppings on there.

When the pizza atone is hot enough, you can put some flour on it and then put your pizza on it. You cannot pick put the uncooked pizza with your hands because it will crumble, you need to use a spatula. In the beginning, you should put the pizza stone directly on the heat source just to give the crust that crispiness that makes it so delicious. When you have the crisp, you can move it to the other side and leave until the cheese melts completely. With this one, you are good to go.

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