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3 Great Cannabis Products for Relieving Your Insomnia

3 Great Cannabis Products for Relieving Your Insomnia

Looking for relief from insomnia or sleep disturbances? On your next visit to your favorite dispensary, keep your eyes peeled for these great sleep-inducing cannabis products.

1. PTS CBD Capsules

One of the state of Illinois’ premium cannabis producers, PTS puts purity first in every product that they create and the same holds true for the CBD Capsules, which can be found at quality Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries. Each capsule contains coconut oil and CBD-dominant cannabis oil. The CBD Capsules contain a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, making this product a great option for users looking for relief from sleep disturbances.

2. Rythm Stardust OG Disposable Pen

Rythm is a national cannabis brand specializing in disposables that allow users to enjoy quality cannabis on-the-go. They categorize their disposables in terms of the feeling or emotion provided by the product, and is typically seen as a Hybrid, but Rhthm markets Stardust OG in the “Relax” line of Indicas. Stardust OG is an Indica that’s known for soothing relaxation, providing users with an overall feeling of relaxation of the mind and body. The Stardust OG Disposable contains 70.770% THC, the perfect amount for great sleep.

3. PTS Night Caps

Another great product by PTS is the Night Caps. PTS created Night Caps to help users reach that often-elusive, restorative deep sleep. Each capsule contains 10mg THC, along with 2mg melatonin to provide the user with the perfect ingredients for a restful night of sleep. PTS uses only the finest organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for capsules – it’s clear that purity and quality of ingredients is important to this brand and it shows in the effects they’re able to produce.

You need proper sleep in order to look and feel your best. Try any of the products on this list and you’ll feel a major difference in your sleeping habits and your overall quality of life.